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Dream Team Kids

Kids in the community are doing great deeds themselves. We call these special kids, Dream Team Kids.

Whether it is raising funds for the Room To Dream Foundation or using their unique skills and talents to create gifts for less fortunate kids – Dream Team Kids are learning that making a difference can be fun!

Meet the Team

The following are kids that have done work for some of our projects, as well as raise funds for our efforts:

Sparks All Stars Cheerleaders

Each year the Sparks All Star Cheerleaders of Stoughton MA choose several opportunities to contribute to other organizations in need. The 2006-2007 Season was dedicated to raising funds to donate to the Room to Dream Foundation. The fundraisers entitled “Kids helping Kids”, involved several fundraisers throughout the year. Some of the ways the kids raised funds included two movie nights held at our gym, some of the children emptied their piggy banks and donated their birthday gift money. In addition the kids participated in canning events at several area supermarkets, and set up a station at a local cheerleading competition. The kids truly demonstrated a sensitivity and understanding of what it means to give from the heart. Through their efforts, they raised more than $1,000 for Room to Dream.

Thank you Sparks All Stars Cheerleaders!!!!!!!

Corey Greenburg

Corey Greenburg, 15 years old of Medway is the newest Dream Team Kids member. Corey learned about Room to Dream and decided he wanted to get involved. After researching how kids could get involved, he decided to run a drive to collect household goods to help stock the pantries of some of the Room to Dream families. He downloaded the suggested shopping list, put together a letter to all of his neighbors, and over a weekend collected everything on the list from his generous neighborhood All of the goods have already been given to Room to Dream families.

Brownie Troop 1264

Brownie Troop 1264 of Plymouth, Massachusetts designed and made a great flip-up alphabet booklet for Kayla in connection with her project. When you lift up a letter, underneath is a picture that was custom-made by the Brownies showing an item that began with that letter.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to these great kids for doing such a great deed for another kid!

The Giving Tree Community Service Project

Gabriella Salerno, 11 years old, along with her older brother Chris, created a charity of their own called The Giving Tree Community Service Project. Now in its sixth year, the project was inspired by Shel Silverstein’s memorable children’s book in which a seemingly useless, old tree continues to provide comfort and assistance to others. Each year, Gabriella and Chris offer neighbors and friends the opportunity to turn their old Christmas trees into “giving trees.” They receive donations by picking up the old Christmas trees and then bringing them to be recycled.

This year, the Project raised over $1,500.00, and Gabriella and Chris gave donations to several local community charity organizations. We were fortunate to be the recipient of a $150.00 donation from Gabriella and Chris.

Thanks to Gabriella and Chris for doing great things in the community, and for being part of the Dream Team Kids!