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By roomtodream

On 12, Mar 2015 | No Comments | In | By roomtodream

David’s Project

Designed and Managed by: Gail O’Rourke, Room to Dream Board Member and Owner of White Wood Kitchens

With the Patriots winning their fourth Super Bowl since the turn of the century, a Patriots themed room was fitting for David’s project to feed his passion for football. An avid sportsman, we wanted his room to be a celebration of victory and a place where David could thrive. David’s sister Deanna, is a quintessential  teenager with style and sass. We thought a dramatic makeover in her room of pink and black would suit her personality. 

The Room to Dream Design Team was led by Gail O’Rourke, Project Manager for Room to Dream and owner of White Wood Kitchens. O’Rourke assembled volunteers, materials and services from her longtime business relationships and corporate sponsors of Room to Dream, allowing the team to execute the designs on makeover weekend. These rooms would not be possible without the many volunteers listed below, as well as the services provided by expert carpenters, cabinet installers and professional painter.

One of the biggest challenges we faced  in David’s room was the coordination and organization of his vast amount of medical supplies. The Design Team spent long hours searching for optimal storage solutions and consulting with David’s nursing team to ensure maximum efficiency. The custom closets provided excellent storage, disguising the signs of a tedious daily routine of medicine,  allowing for volunteers to showcase a room that a teenage boy would love.

O’Rourke named the youngest volunteer, Paige, the MVP of the weekend. Young Paige worked tirelessly around the clock, never giving up and could always be found with a smile on her face. O’Rourke says, “I love to help teenagers like David and Deanna, and when kids help kids, it makes the experience even more special.”


– Gail O’Rourke
Room to Dream Foundation/ White Wood Kitchens


gailcoming home


direct it 1terry 3balboni at work

 Thanks to the Dream Team who made this makeover possible:



Nat Wheatley/ Plymouth Custom Closets


Terry McGrath/ TBEST Painting and Contracting

Kate Mogul/ Kate Mogul Interior Design

Tyler Deprey / Network Cabling Services

Kate McDermott

Sue, Brad, and Paige Homan

Alicia and Tom Reddington

Bob Burr/ Burr Remodeling

Nancy Burr

Peter Balboni Cabinet Installation/Finish Carpentry

Meaghan ORourke

Mike ORourke

Mike Reed of Covenant Construction

Deb Ventura

Isaac Banks/ White Wood Kitchens

Brenda Smith

Angela McAndrews

James and Alison Richardson

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