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On 19, Sep 2019 | No Comments | In | By roomtodream

Jennifer’s Project

Designed by: Hattie Holland and Anne Alberts of Carpenter & MacNeille

Managed by: Dave Supple, CEO of New England Design & Construction/ RTD Board Member and Grace Garrison of  Carpenter & MacNeille


Jennifer’s Room
Jennifer’s incredible smile and positive attitude are the first things we noticed when we had our initial design meeting. Having recently turned 12, Jen’s space needed to feel both young and playful, but also ready to transition into something a little more grown up. At our first meeting, Jen talked about pastel colors, glitter and unicorns, but by the end, we were onto shades of gray, vinyl records and make-up mirrors. The original space had few seating options for visiting cousins and friends, and only one small table for all her personal objects.

Now, a new platform day bed, with custom built bookcases flanking either end, form a cozy new sleeping area with a wide array of storage options. On the opposite wall, a trio of frames was applied to contain a dressing/desk/media arrangement – providing a new dedicated space for creative work and play. The space is surrounded by glittering chains of LED clip lights for her favorite instamix pics, and a starburst pattern of metallic dot decals shine down on her from above.

Andy’s Room
Jen’s soft-spoken and thoughtful older brother, Andy, also needed a space that would nurture his interests and hobbies. Andy’s design was centered around his extensive book collection, writing, gaming and a love for music. When we first met, Andy introduced us to some of his favorite works, and these ultimately became the inspiration for a full wall specialty paint application from Patina Designs. The blue-green ombre wall behind his new writing-desk is the focal point of the room, and two new bookcases were added to house his collection. Above his bed, a framed vinyl copy of his favorite album from Imagine Dragons acts as both wall art, and the start of the two siblings new record collection – a new Victrola player in Jen’s room next door for shared time together listening to albums.

Designer Perspective
As design professionals, we know the power of good design. We know that the right floorplan, with the right lighting, textures, and colors can create an emotional reaction to the space that benefits the lives of the people within. In Jennifer’s room, we hope she finds some space for comfort and calm, as well as plenty of room for play and fun.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jennifer and her family on this project. We feel honored to have had the chance to build something new for such a deserving and special young pair of kids. We wish Jen and Andy many years of joy in their new rooms.





We would like to thank all of the volunteers as well as the donors below for being a part of this Dream Team!

Michael J. Lee Photography

New England Design & Construction

C&M Woodworking

Carpenter & Macneille

Patina Designs


Oak Furnitureland

California Closet

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